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Advanced software to perform 'stress tests' on personal computers

IntelBurnTest is often used when an individual wishes to gauge the performance of his or her personal computer. As opposed to a standard system monitor, this software package places a great deal of stress upon the core components within an operating system. This action is intended to uncover any faults that may be present; ideal when diagnosing potential issues.

Primary Purpose and Main Features

IntelBurnTest utilizes much of the same technology that is employed within their laboratories before releasing a new CPU to the public. Thus, the algorithms and accuracy of this system are never called into question. All results of the test are displayed within a real-time scenario so that the user can accurately view any faults as they occur. Processing speeds are likewise recorded in increments known as GFlops. It is therefore very easy to determine the stability of nearly any Windows-based operating system.

Other Unique Tools and Benefits

IntelBurnTest is associated with a very intuitive GUI, so it will require much less technical knowledge than similar systems. Developers recommend that it is run with x64-based operating systems, as the results provided at the end of the test tend to be much more accurate. A file size of only 1.7 megabytes should not cause performance issues with most systems.


  • A highly accurate means to test the performance of a computer.
  • It will not require much free memory space.


  • This software bundle is not compatible with Mac systems.
  • It does not support Windows versions past Windows 7.

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IntelBurnTest 1.0 for PC

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